Criminal Defense Lawyer in Bayshore Gardens If you were arrested or charged with a crime in Florida, it is important to seek the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer before your charges are formalized.

If you were arrested or charged with a crime in Bayshore Gardens, you may feel stressed and worried about what to do. Your reputation, career, family life, and personal freedom may all be hanging in the balance, and you could say something that harms your defense. Having a criminal defense lawyer at your side can make all the difference to your case.

You do not have to face this situation alone. Call Goldman Wetzel today at (941) 405-5193 to learn more about how a criminal defense lawyer in Bayshore Gardens, FL, can help protect your rights.

Know Your Rights

Following your arrest, it is important to know and understand your rights and hold the state accountable if they have been violated.

You have the right to know the crime or crimes with which you are being charged along with the identity of the police officers involved with your arrest.

After the police have completed their booking procedures, you have the right to communicate with your defense attorneys from Goldman Wetzel. Assert this right, and do not discuss your case with the police without representation.

We are committed to helping you by protecting your rights. If possible, we will intervene on your behalf before charges are formalized. Call today at (941) 405-5193 for advice and support.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Early Can Be Crucial to Your Case

If you do not get bonded out of jail after your arrest, you will usually appear before an advisory hearing judge within 24 hours. Early intervention from your defense lawyers from Goldman Wetzel may influence the judge’s decision to file charges against you by challenging probable cause for arrest.

Retaining a criminal defense lawyer in Bayshore Gardens at this stage of the process may demonstrate to the judge that you are taking the charges seriously and are prepared to hold the state accountable to the high burden of proof that is required of it to prevail. In some instances, this can result in a dismissal of your charges or open the door to negotiations for reduced charges.

Securing the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in Bayshore Gardens for You

If you or a loved one were arrested or charged with a crime, it can be helpful to secure legal representation to help make your case as robust as possible.

Before choosing who will represent you at this most difficult and important time, you might consider checking credentials such as:

  • Any formal recognition for their ability
  • Your defense team’s standing with the Florida Bar
  • Experience representing cases like your own
  • Research, negotiating, and analytical skills
  • Courtroom demeanor

This list is by no means exhaustive but serves as an overview of what to look for when selecting your defense team. 

Attorneys Summer Goldman and Maribeth Wetzel possess a unique blend of skills and backgrounds that make them uniquely equipped to represent your case. Ms. Goldman is a former prosecutor who understands the tactics the other side is likely to use against you, and Ms. Wetzel is a career defense attorney who passionately defends the rights of the accused. Their approach to each case is to adopt a team tactic, which means that if you hire one, you gain the knowledge of both. Call Goldman Wetzel today at (941) 405-5193 to learn more about how our team can assist with your defense.

How We Can Help

In addition to facing steep fines and possible jail time, there are many other areas of your life that can be adversely affected by having a criminal conviction. Barriers to working, issues with housing, license and permit denials, or even losing parental rights are common problems.

The team at Goldman Wetzel understands these pressures and cares about the impact they could have on your life. We are dedicated to fighting for a positive outcome for your case, and we will work to protect your future by defending your rights and representing your interests.

There are many ways Goldman Wetzel can assist with your case. From initial arrest, we may be able to intervene on your behalf at the advisory hearing. This could result in your bond being reduced if you are not bailed out of jail beforehand.

We can also assess and identify if there is a problem with the way police have gathered evidence against you. This could involve an improper search of your house, car, or person; an illegal stop; or other violations of your rights. If a procedure has not been correctly followed, Ms. Goldman and Ms. Wetzel can file a Motion to Suppress Evidence and, if successful, the State cannot use that evidence against you in court. In some cases, the exclusion of such evidence could leave the State with no choice but to drop the charge against you. Every client is unique, which is why it is so important to retain criminal defense attorneys from Goldman Wetzel who understand the nuances of your case and the laws and arguments that can work in your favor. 

Call Today To Get Started

Considering the consequences that having a criminal conviction could have on your life, it is important to take an active approach in your defense.

Our team of criminal defense lawyers in Bayshore Gardens can help with cases that involve:

  • Sex crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Violent crimes
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Federal crimes

These are not the only situations we can assist you with. To learn more, contact the team at Goldman Wetzel at (941) 405-5193 for a free case evaluation today.