Getting an Injunction or Restraining Order Dismissed After It Has Been Ordered If you have an old injunction or restraining order against you in Florida, the attorneys from Goldman Wetzel may be able to help you get it dismissed.

If you have an injunction or restraining order against you in Florida, there are many reasons why you might need it dismissed. You may just want it off your record, or you may be on good terms with the person who requested the injunction. However, you cannot resume contact without violating the terms of the order. Even if they permit you to contact them, you could face criminal consequences if you do so.

The Goldman Wetzel attorneys can help you get an old injunction dismissed or modified. This is possible by requesting dismissal or filing a motion to dismiss with the court and presenting satisfactory evidence that circumstances have changed.

What Is an Injunction?

In the state of Florida, restraining orders or orders of protection are known as injunctions. Injunctions are available to individuals who accuse another person of:

An injunction limits the alleged abuse from being able to contact the accuser. In theory, this protects the person who requests it. If you have an injunction against you, it is illegal for you to call the other person, visit their work or home, be within a set distance, or take several other actions. Violating a restraining order is a criminal offense, and you could face fines, jail time, and more.

While victims do have to show evidence during the hearing that initially confirms an injunction, circumstances can change over time, and injunctions often become unnecessary. Relationships can heal, drug addicts can seek treatment, or people can move to another area or even pass away.

Getting Help with the Legal Process to Have the Injunction Dismissed

We may be able to help you get the injunction against you dismissed or vacated. We know how this process works and can navigate it on your behalf. We will request a court hearing and present evidence to show how the circumstances have changed since the injunction began.

We need to show a satisfactory change in circumstances; one the court believes shows the person who initially requested the injunction is no longer in danger. This may prompt the court to revoke or dismiss the injunction against you.

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