Injunctions for Domestic Violence The attorneys from Goldman Wetzel can help you secure an injunction for domestic violence, work to clear your name, or defend you if you violated an injunction.

Injunctions for domestic violence, sometimes called restraining orders, are designed to protect victims from threats and violent acts. The Goldman Wetzel team of attorneys can help you petition for a Florida domestic violence injunction or fight an unwarranted restraining order.

If you face accusations of violating an injunction, we can protect your rights and help you build a solid defense. Call our legal team today at 727-828-3900 to get started.

Getting a Domestic Violence Injunction in Florida

Florida law allows you to petition for a domestic violence injunction if you:

  • Were the victim of domestic violence; or
  • Have reasonable cause to believe you are in imminent danger of violence from a family member or household member.

We can help you file your sworn petition in the local circuit court to secure the injunction. The attorneys from Goldman Wetzel understand how important this type of restraining order can be for your safety and the safety of your family. Let us help you navigate this process.

We can collect evidence and organize your case before your court date arrives. We can also request the judge include certain limitations in the injunction, if necessary, in your case.

For example, if your spouse has been leaving threatening notes on your vehicle, they may ban him from intentionally coming within 100 feet of your car. It may also be possible to outline how you will communicate about your children or other specific details that apply to your case.

Fighting an Injunction for Domestic Violence

If a member of your family or your household petitioned for a domestic violence injunction, the team from Goldman Wetzel will help you understand your rights and represent you during court proceedings.

These injunctions often begin with “ex parte” orders, which are temporary orders issued based on only the petitioner’s side of the story. They only last for a short time, until the court can schedule a formal hearing.

If you learn ex parte orders are barring you from your home, your family, or a loved one, we can help. We will help you understand the process and accompany you to the hearing. During this hearing, the court will listen to our side of the story, and we may be able to end the ex parte orders and prevent the injunction.

What Happens When You Violate an Injunction in Florida?

If there is an injunction for domestic violence filed against you in Florida, it is important to follow the rules as outlined in the paperwork. Violating any of these rules may lead to criminal charges. If someone accuses you of violating the injunction or you face charges, reach out to our team. Our attorneys can protect your rights and put a strong defense strategy in place to help minimize the impact of these allegations.

In general, Florida classifies most violations of domestic violence injunctions as first degree misdemeanors. If convicted, penalties could include:

  • Up to one year in jail
  • One year of probation
  • Significant fines

With multiple violations of the injunction, penalties could increase. In some cases, you may face felony charges if there are repeated violations of a restraining order.

While the rules you must follow vary somewhat from injunction to injunction, they generally bar you from going within a certain distance of the petitioner in certain areas:

  • Home
  • School
  • Work
  • Vehicle
  • Other locations mentioned in the injunction

Depending on the situation, there may also be other members of the family or household named in the injunction. For example, if the injunction includes your children, you will need to stay a set distance from their school.

Injunctions also typically bar you from:

  • Refusing to leave the shared home or other location.
  • Contacting the petitioner in person, on the phone, or online.
  • Contacting the petitioner indirectly through a third party, unless expressly allowed.

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