Federal Possession of a Firearm Lawyer in Bradenton

An allegation that you illegally possessed a firearm in Bradenton, FL could lead to a federal charge in the Middle District of Florida. If you face an accusation, arrest, or charge for federal possession of a firearm, you want a strong criminal defense team on your side. The attorneys from Goldman Wetzel know how to build a solid defense in these cases and are not afraid to go toe-to-toe with a United States Attorney.

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What Is Federal Possession of a Firearm?

The Second Amendment protects the right to possess firearms, but there are some stipulations about the type of firearms you can possess and some limitations on who can possess them. In general, there are two ways to violate federal possession of a firearm laws:

  • Possessing a firearm when you are not legally authorized to have a gun; or
  • Possessing a gun restricted by federal law

In some cases, it may be possible that you lose the legal right to own or possess a gun. If this occurs and you carry the gun across state lines, this is a federal offense. You may not have the right to possess a gun if you are:

  • A convicted felon
  • A drug user or addict
  • An undocumented immigrant
  • Lawfully here on a non-immigrant visa
  • A fugitive from justice
  • Dishonorably discharged from the military
  • Subject to a domestic restraining order
  • Have a prior conviction for domestic assault

At the same time, there are some types of guns and accessories that are not legal to own for anyone in the United States. If you have one of these guns in your possession, you could face possession of firearm charges. This includes:

  • A fully automatic or “machine” gun
  • A firearm silencer
  • A sawed-off shotgun with a barrel length under 18” or total length less than 26”
  • A semi-automatic assault weapon manufactured after October 1, 1993
  • A gun that does not have a serial number or has an altered serial number

Consequences of a Federal Possession of a Firearm Conviction Can Be Serious

Two statutes outline the criminal acts associated with federal possession of a firearm. This includes:

Violating either of these statutes — possessing an illegal firearm and taking it across state lines — could mean spending significant time behind bars in federal prison. The Judge who hears the case will use federal Sentencing Guidelines as a starting point, consider the laws about minimum and maximum penalties, and look closely at the facts of your case.

Possessing an Illegal Gun

If you possess an illegal gun and travel across state lines with it, you can expect your sentence to include five to ten years in federal prison.

Illegal Possession of a Gun

The penalties for possessing a firearm when you are not allowed to own one legally are even more significant. You could face up to a decade behind bars for a federal offense. If you have a history of violent felonies, you may be looking at a minimum sentence of 15 years in federal prison.

We Work as a Team Any Time We Handle a Criminal Defense Case in Bradenton, FL

At Goldman Wetzel, our principal criminal defense attorneys always work in tandem on federal possession of a firearm cases. When you hire one of our lawyers, you get them both. By working as a team, we can develop a more well-rounded defense strategy.

Summer Goldman previously worked for the prosecutor’s office and offers us the opportunity to look at your case from the U.S. Attorney prosecuting your case. At the same time, Maribeth Wetzel’s experience as a career criminal defense attorney means she knows the type of strategy likely to work given the facts of your case.

If you believe you may soon face charges of federal possession of a firearm in Bradenton, FL or elsewhere in Manatee County, reach out to the Goldman Wetzel team today. Call 941-405-5193 to talk to someone from our Manatee County office.

We Can Put a Strong Defense Strategy in Place in Your Bradenton, FL Federal Possession of a Firearm Case

When we go to work on your federal possession of a firearm case, we will investigate the alleged criminal activity and collect evidence to counter the case against you. Each case is unique, but some of the most common ways we pursue a more favorable outcome include:

  • Convincing the U.S. Attorney to drop the investigation or charges
  • Presenting a strong argument for an acquittal in court
  • Reducing the nature and severity of the charges
  • Negotiating a plea deal for a lesser charge
  • Asking the judge to give you a probated sentence

We like to go to work on criminal defense cases as early as possible. Often, our clients reach out to us before they face arrest or charges. This may allow us to put a stop to the case before it ever begins. A federal possession of a firearm lawyer in Bradenton, FL can get started on your case immediately if you call us when:

  • Officers from a federal agency want to question you
  • You get arrested on suspicion of federal firearms violations
  • There is a warrant out for your arrest
  • A United States Attorney indicts you for federal possession of a firearm

Talk to a Federal Possession of a Firearm Lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL

At Goldman Wetzel, we can provide the compassionate support you need while also building an aggressive criminal defense on your behalf. If you stand accused of federal possession of a firearm charges, you do not have to try to fight this on your own. Call us today at 941-405-5193. A federal possession of a firearm lawyer in Bradenton, FL will review your case for free.