Getting accused of or arrested for a crime quickly catapults life into a different direction. You need to know what the charges are, what kinds of penalties you may face, what to expect in the weeks and months ahead, and what your legal options are. Our criminal defense lawyers in Clearwater Beach can help.

Goldman Wetzel represents defendants accused of a wide range of offenses, from misdemeanors and white-collar crimes to felonies and violent crimes. Call 727-828-3900 and speak to a member of our team about your situation today. The initial consultation is free.

What to Do When Facing Criminal Accusations

If you are under investigation for or have been indicted for a crime, there are several things to do straight away:

Exercise Your Right to Counsel

Politely tell the investigators that you wish to have your attorney present before answering any of their questions. Do not fall into the trap of succumbing to questioning without first speaking to a lawyer. The state can use your comments as evidence later. If you have yet to retain a lawyer, call 727-828-3900 for immediate assistance.

Learn About Your Legal Options

The more you know, the better you equip yourself to make smart decisions. During your initial, confidential meeting with us, you can brief us on your situation and ask pertinent questions. We will evaluate your case, explain your options and how we can help, and tell you how to retain us.

Work with Us on Developing Your Defense

After you have retained us, our defense lawyers will spring into action and begin working on the key tasks of your case. Together, we will craft a comprehensive defense strategy with the ultimate aim of avoiding charges, getting charges dropped or reduced, or preparing to fight for an acquittal at trial.

Types of Criminal Cases Goldman Wetzel Accepts

Our defense firm manages all types of criminal cases in Clearwater Beach and throughout Florida, including those involving both state and federal charges. Our clients come from all walks of life, and there are no cases too insignificant or too complex for our team to handle.

Below are just a few examples of criminal cases we can handle:

How Our Defense Attorneys Can Help

Goldman Wetzel is a full-service criminal defense firm, which means we can help with all aspects of a criminal case. The sooner you enlist our services, the better, but we can step in at any stage of the case and pick up the reins.

We will fight for your best interests and take the necessary steps to push for a positive outcome. In some cases, we may be able to deter the state from filing charges altogether. When that is not possible, we will prepare a sturdy, smart defense and prepare for trial.

You can count on us to protect your rights, offer legal advice when you need it, and advocate on your behalf as we guide you through the legal system.

When you work with Goldman Wetzel, our defense attorneys will:

  • Communicate with you on a regular basis to discuss important steps in your case;
  • Explain in no-nonsense terms what you are up against and the best- and worst-case scenarios;
  • Investigate all the facts and look for weaknesses in the state’s case to expose;
  • Gather and leverage supportive evidence;
  • Represent you at all conferences and hearings;
  • File motions to potentially benefit your case, e.g., motions to modify bail, strike testimony, reduce charges, suppress evidence, etc.;
  • Explain the basic criminal process in easy-to-understand terms and what to expect at each phase;
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor when plausible but refuse/renegotiate any poor deals;
  • Chart a step-by-step, personalized defense plan that counters the state’s next steps; and
  • Answer any questions you have along the way and keep you abreast of changes in your case.

Why You Should Entrust Your Case to Goldman Wetzel

The defense attorney you choose can significantly help or hurt your case. With over 30 years of combined experience, the lawyers at Goldman Wetzel have developed the vast skills and knowledge it takes to successfully handle any type of criminal case in Clearwater Beach.

Several characteristics make our firm a standout:

Team Approach

Unique to Goldman Wetzel, our defense attorneys take a team approach and work together on each case we accept. Brainstorming strategies and capitalizing on our complementary strengths means effective, well-rounded defense for our clients.

Wide Legal Background

Our attorneys, both members of the Florida Bar, have experience on both sides of the courtroom. Attorney Summer Goldman, a former prosecutor, and attorney Maribeth Wetzel, a career criminal defense lawyer, understand how both sides operate. This helps us better anticipate the prosecutors’ tactics and any shortcomings in their cases.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of positive outcomes for our clients. Client, peer, and industry approval stand as a testament of our hard work and success. Feel free to read over our client reviews, Facebook and Google reviews, AVVO ratings, and Martindale-Hubbell recommendations.

Free Consultation with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Clearwater Beach

Criminal charges can threaten your freedom, family, finances, and reputation. Regardless of what charges you are up against, do not lose hope because there may be dozens of available defenses and strategies that could change the entire outlook of your situation. Our defense attorneys can provide representation and support to benefit your case and help you face the future with confidence.

Call Goldman Wetzel today at 727-828-3900 for a free consult. We can schedule a meeting in our office or a jail visit to discuss your case.