If you have been arrested for drunk driving (DUI), the DUI lawyers Clearwater Beach, FL from Goldman Wetzel are here to help. We bring a focused team approach to every case. Let us review the facts of your case and build a plan to counter the charges. We will protect your rights and aggressively defend you in court.

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We Handle DUIs and Many Related Criminal Defense Cases

With decades of combined experience defending Florida residents, the attorneys from Goldman Wetzel work together on every case. Summer Goldman brings her experience as a former prosecutor to the table, while Maribeth Wetzel is a career defense attorney. We protect your rights and fight to clear your name and minimize the impact your arrest has on your life.

In addition to putting a strong defense strategy in place for your DUI case, we can also help fight any additional charges. Some related legal issues we handle include:

  • Misdemeanors and felonies
  • DUI accidents
  • Juvenile charges
  • Reinstating driver’s license after a suspension

If you were arrested or may face charges in Clearwater Beach, we can help. Let our criminal defense lawyers handle your case while you focus on getting your life back to normal.

You Do Not Want to Face Florida DUI Charges Alone

Florida treats a DUI as a serious offense. Even a first arrest can come with dire consequences if convicted. You may face significant fines, the requirement to install an ignition interlock device, impoundment of your car, a driver’s license revocation, and even imprisonment. Avoiding a conviction is the only way to ensure you walk away without serious penalties.

Many of our clients worry about facing time in jail. Ultimately, whether you spend time in jail is up to the judge, but we may be able to request that you serve your sentence in an inpatient alcoholism or drug abuse treatment program. This may allow you to avoid any additional jail time after your initial release. For many, this is a best-case scenario if we cannot beat the charges against you.

The consequences you face after a conviction may increase in severity or scope if:

  • You have previous DUI or implied consent convictions
  • Someone suffered injuries in an accident you caused
  • You had a particularly high blood alcohol content
  • There were other extenuating circumstances in your case

There is no reason to face this trying time alone. We know what to expect every step of the way and will aggressively defend you. Enlist our help to fight the charges against you.

Let Us Challenge Your Administrative License Suspension

In addition to revoking your driver’s license if they convict you on drunk driving charges, Florida law calls for an administrative suspension for everyone arrested for DUI or refusal to comply with testing. Even if you never face charges, the arresting officer will take your license and give you a ten-day temporary permit. You can appeal the suspension during this 10-day period.

If you contact us right away after your arrest, we can file this appeal on your behalf and represent you at the hearing. We will argue for you to keep your license. We will also have the opportunity to see some of the evidence the police may have against you that will play a role in your criminal case.

Goldman Wetzel Helps You Build a Solid Defense

The DUI lawyers in Clearwater Beach at Goldman Wetzel always work as a team. When you hire one, you hire both. This allows us to approach your case with the eye of a former prosecutor as well as the experience of a career criminal defense attorney. We will go to work immediately on your case, protecting your rights and building a strong defense strategy on your behalf.

Depending on the facts of your Clearwater DUI case, we may be able to:

  • Convince prosecutors not to file charges; or
  • Present evidence that causes prosecutors to drop the charges; or
  • Negotiate a plea deal for a lesser charge; or
  • Negotiate for a sentence that better suits your needs

We can go with you if you are questioned by the police and represent you during your court appearances. You will not have to face any part of your case alone after you enlist our help. We will be with you every step of the way.

Call Us as Soon as Possible After Your Arrest

If Clearwater Beach police arrested you for drunk driving, it is imperative that you call us as soon as possible after you get out of jail. If your loved one is currently in jail following a DUI arrest, go ahead and give us a call. The sooner we get started on your case the better. We like to intervene before you face charges whenever possible. We get to work quickly and work hard during the initial period to get the prosecutor to take a look at your case from your point of view.

If there is reason to believe prosecutors may bring drunk driving charges against you, give us a call today at 727-828-3900. While we prefer to learn about your case before the prosecutors file charges, we also accept cases with pending charges. If you want to discuss your case with a Clearwater Beach DUI defense attorney, call us. We can go to work building a strong defense strategy today.

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Getting arrested on suspicion of drunk driving is a scary experience. The possibility of facing charges is overwhelming. This is not something you have to face alone. If police arrested you for a Clearwater Beach DUI, the attorneys from Goldman Wetzel are here to help. Let us develop a strong defense strategy on your behalf and fight for a more favorable outcome in your case.

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