When you are arrested and taken to jail to be booked for any alleged crime, you have the right to have an attorney with you during questioning. And though the county where you are charged must provide you with a lawyer if you cannot afford one, that doesn’t mean the one it assigns to your case will be the right one for you. And if you wish to represent yourself because you’ve watched endless reruns of Law & Order, remember that “a defendant who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” So secure a criminal defense attorney you know is qualified to handle your case by retaining an attorney in St. Petersburg from Goldman Wetzel.

As you work your way through the legal process, the benefits become apparent beginning at the First Appearance or Advisory Hearing.

What to Expect & Why Retaining Goldman Wetzel Can be Crucial

Your bond is set during booking into jail. It will usually be in a standard amount based on a bond schedule. If you’re facing charges of felony violation of probation or domestic violence, then there is initially no bond.

You’ll go before a “First Appearance” or “Advisory Hearing” judge within 24 hours of your arrest. At this time, we can request that the judge lower your bond amount or release you on your own recognizance (ROR). We can also challenge probable cause for arrest or a search on which your charges are based while at the “First Appearance” or “Advisory Hearing.”

Your Attorney Will Start Building a Defense to the Charges You’re Facing

Below are a few ways we might challenge your arrest and the charges you’re facing.

  • If charged with DUI, did police properly conduct chemical testing or sobriety evaluations?
  • Were other witnesses, whose testimony will be useful to your defense, present at the time of your alleged offense?
  • Might our investigators discover others who may have committed the crime instead of you, or was a law enforcement investigation begun against you based on incorrect information?

These are examples of avenues by which the criminal defense attorneys with Goldman Wetzel may be able to chip away at the prosecution’s case that can build strong defenses, help negotiate plea agreements, and place “reasonable doubt” in the minds of jurors.

Retain an Attorney from Goldman Wetzel Today to Protect Your Future

One mistake that many people make is focusing more on the fines and jail time rather than what having a criminal record does to them. Even misdemeanor offenses can bring large fines and jail time. But after that, a criminal record affects your life for years to come by limiting your job and educational opportunities, ability to obtain or retain many professional licenses, and even your ability to get good credit. Records of criminal convictions last years longer than your jail sentence and can weaken your professional and personal prospects.

So if you or a family member faces criminal charges, retain an attorney in St. Petersburg at Goldman Wetzel. We will carefully review the charges and discuss the strategies we can use to defend you or your loved one. Contact us at 727-828-3900 to get started.