Drug Possession Lawyer in Sarasota

Drug possession charges, often charged as felonies, can mean imprisonment, large fines, and other penalties. A drug case is a serious matter, but you are not without options. Exercise your right to counsel and explore the available legal avenues with our drug possession lawyers in Sarasota as soon as possible, preferably before your arraignment. The sooner we get to work on your case, the more time we will have to develop a smart strategy.

Our attorneys, who have extensive understanding of both federal and Florida drug possession laws, tirelessly advocate for our clients’ rights and fight to secure positive outcomes. We can provide the legal help and advice you need when facing misdemeanor or felony drug possession charges and scary long-term consequences.

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What Types of Drug Possession Cases Does Goldman Wetzel Accept?

We have devoted our careers to criminal defense and helping defendants through the confusing justice system. Our attorneys, licensed to practice law in both federal and state districts, represent clients in Sarasota and throughout Florida. We have the resources and knowledge to assist with any type of drug-related charge, including possession and trafficking.

Some of the most common types of possession cases we see include:

What Kinds of Penalties Will I Face for Drug Possession?

Penalties for drug possession are contingent on the type of controlled substance involved and any prior drug arrests on your record. Florida legislatures categorize all controlled substances into five lists or “drug schedules,” which closely resemble federal schedules. The higher the schedule, the more regulated the drug and the stiffer the penalties.

For example, heroin is a Schedule I, the most highly punishable type of controlled substance. You face second-degree felony charges for possession of heroin. A second-degree felony includes up to 15 years in prison.

On the other end of the spectrum, codeine-based cough syrup is a Schedule V drug. This is a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in prison.

In addition to imprisonment and/or probation, a drug possession conviction will mean fines, loss of driver’s license, mandatory completion of a drug course or counseling, and other penalties.

For detailed information about your specific charges and the potential penalties you are up against, discuss your case with our drug possession attorneys.

What Defenses Work for Drug Possession Cases?

There are numerous defenses we can use to defend a drug possession case. Below are just a few examples:

  • There is insufficient evidence. Does the state have enough viable evidence to prove the case, or is there reasonable doubt?
  • The drugs were not yours. Maybe someone left them in your car or home.
  • You did not know the substance in your possession was a controlled substance.
  • Law enforcement engaged in entrapment.
  • You have a valid prescription.
  • Law enforcement violated the Fourth Amendment by collecting evidence through an unlawful search and seizure.
  • You did not have constructive possession of the drugs.
  • You were overdosing on drugs and sought medical help. (Florida Statute § 893.21 provides immunity in this situation.)

Note: Each case is unique, and the defense that might work best for you depends on the specific circumstances surrounding your arrest. Speak to one of our lawyers today about your charges so we can see where you stand and explain the most advantageous way to proceed.

How Can Goldman Wetzel Help with My Drug Possession Charges?

With decades of combined experience, our drug defense attorneys have built an armory of effective skills and defense strategies that greatly benefit our clients. Having experience on both sides of the courtroom in the past, we understand how the prosecution team operates. We are familiar with their tactics and where the potential weaknesses in their cases usually are. And we can leverage this experience on your behalf.

Our attorneys work together on each case we accept and use a scholarly approach to drug possession cases, taking absolutely no “facts” for granted. As we comb through the state’s evidence, we leave no stone unturned and look for ways to create reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case.

When you work with our firm for your drug possession charges, we protect your rights and manage your case with the zeal and care you deserve. Our goal will be to convince the prosecution to drop the case or at least to minimize your penalties.

Arrested for Drug Possession in Sarasota? Act Now.

Inform the detention or investigating officer that you wish you to contact your attorney. Do not answer any questions without having spoken to a lawyer first. You could accidentally say something that damages your case, and you will not be able to take it back later. If you do not have a lawyer yet, call our office at 941-405-5193 and intake will patch you through to either attorney Summer Goldman or attorney Maribeth Wetzel.

We will then get to work on your case, developing a plan of action and keeping you informed each step of the way. We may be able to make a plea deal with the prosecutor, help move your case to drug court, or see if you qualify for a pretrial diversion program. In certain situations, we might be able to get the court to dismiss your case altogether.

As your attorneys, we will make ourselves available to answer any questions you have and explain the steps involved. The more information you have, the better you can prepare yourself and make informed decisions. Call us today to speak with one of our drug possession defense lawyers in Sarasota: 941-405-5193.