Drug Trafficking Lawyers in Tampa

Drug trafficking, the illegal distribution of a controlled substance, is a very serious offense in Florida, punishable by long-term imprisonment, probation, large fines, and revocation of certain civil liberties, among other penalties. Defendants must have a robust defense strategy to fight the charges.

Our drug trafficking lawyers in Tampa have helped numerous defendants successfully navigate the justice system. We know how to protect your rights, develop a smart plan of action for your case, and work for the best possible outcome. Contact Goldman Wetzel today at 888-727-4652 to speak to someone today about your case.


I Was Not Going to Sell the Drugs. Can I Still Be Charged with Trafficking?

Yes. The difference between possession and trafficking is a simple matter of the amount of the substance, not your intent. When the amount of the drug exceeds a certain amount — regardless of whether it was your personal stash, or you intended to sell it — the state will typically pursue drug trafficking charges rather than possession charges.

For Florida prosecutors to prove drug trafficking, the defendant must have had at least the following amounts:

  • Marijuana: 25 pounds or 300 cannabis plants or more
  • Cocaine: 28 grams or more
  • MDMA: 10 grams or more
  • Heroin: Four grams or more
  • Hydrocodone: 14 grams or more
  • Meth: 14 grams or more
  • GHB: One kg or more


Can Goldman Wetzel Help with My Drug Trafficking Case in Tampa?

Yes. We manage all types of drug-related cases, from simple possession in Tampa to large-scale federal drug trafficking. Our attorneys work as a team on each case we accept, developing effective, well-rounded defenses for our clients and providing aggressive representation.

Some of the most common drug trafficking cases we accept include:

  • Trafficking in cannabis
  • Trafficking in cocaine
  • Trafficking in methamphetamine
  • Trafficking in GHB
  • Trafficking in LSD
  • Trafficking in heroin
  • Trafficking in oxycodone
  • Trafficking in hydrocodone
  • Trafficking in MDMA

If you have been charged with a drug crime, consult our attorneys straightaway. When retained early on, we may be able to prevent the state from ever filing formal charges. In other cases, we might work towards securing a deal with the prosecutor for reduced charges, e.g., from trafficking to possession, which would mean a drastically lower sentence.


What Are the Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Florida?

The penalties a defendant faces for drug trafficking hinges on several factors including the type/schedule of drug, the amount involved, and whether there were any aggravating circumstances.

Sentences for drug trafficking can include up to 30 years in prison and exorbitant fines. The greater the amount of the controlled substance, the stiffer the penalties. Furthermore, with a drug trafficking conviction, the defendant must serve a mandatory minimum sentence.

For example, the potential hydrocodone drug trafficking penalties include the following:

  • 14 to 28 grams: Three-year minimum and a $50,000 fine
  • 28 to 50 grams: Seven-year minimum and a $100,000 fine
  • More than 50 grams: 15-year minimum and a $500,000 fine

Trafficking in MDMA has a similar penalty structure:

  • 10 to 200 grams: Three-year minimum and a $50,000 fine
  • 200 to 400 grams: Seven-year minimum and a $100,000 fine
  • 400 grams to 30 kg: 15-year minimum and a $500,000

When you work with Goldman Wetzel, we will explain exactly what your charges entail and the range of penalties you face. As we develop a strategy for your unique situation, we will tell you in no-nonsense terms what the best- and worst-case outcomes for you are, and then continue to fight for your best interests throughout the duration of the case.


What Are Some Potential Defenses to Drug Trafficking?

Florida recognizes a number of defenses to drug trafficking. We will explore all feasible options for your case.

For instance, we will review all the evidence and police reports the State intends to use against you and discern whether law enforcement legally collected the evidence against you. If the state obtained the evidence through an unlawful search and seizure, we can file a motion to suppress the evidence. If the state has insufficient evidence, the prosecutor will likely not be able to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Another common defense to trafficking is entrapment. If law enforcement or an informant induced you to commit the offense of trafficking, a crime that you normally would not have committed, you may have been entrapped and we can file a motion to dismiss.

If the situation allows, we may also help you consider the possibility of providing what the state refers to as “substantial assistance.” This consists of an agreement between you and the state whereby you agree to act as a confidential informant in exchange for lesser penalties. Providing substantial assistance in your drug case may include tasks such as identifying drug dealers or buyers, giving details about drug transactions, and helping to set people up.

Pursuant to Florida Statute § 893.135(4), if you make good on your end of the deal:

The state attorney may move the sentencing court to reduce or suspend the sentence of any person who is convicted of [drug trafficking] and who provides substantial assistance in the identification, arrest, or conviction of any of that person’s accomplices, accessories, coconspirators, or principals or of any other person engaged in trafficking in controlled substances.

CAUTION: Do not talk to investigators or agree to any arrangements without first having spoken with one of our drug trafficking lawyers in Tampa. There are pros and cons of each defense and option. Discuss the issues with us first so you can make informed decisions about your case.


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