Facing accusations that you committed a federal crime is a stressful, serious situation. If a federal agency — the FBI, IRS, DEA, ATF or other agency — suspects you might be guilty, it will want to talk to you and may even obtain a warrant for your arrest. The federal crimes lawyers in Dunedin, FL from Goldman Wetzel believe no one should have to go through this alone.

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We Can Take on Many Types of Dunedin, FL Federal Crimes

When an agent who works for a federal agency alleges you committed a crime, this is a serious accusation — even when the crime is relatively minor, you do not want to have to fight charges and defend yourself from a case built by a United States Attorney and heard before a federal judge in the Middle District of Florida.

Almost any allegation of wrongdoing that comes from a federal government agency could result in a federal criminal charge. This includes a list of crimes that vary widely in severity, motive, and type. Some of the most common include:

  • Money laundering
  • White collar crimes
  • Drug trafficking across state lines
  • Identity theft, credit card theft, and other fraud
  • Organized crimes and RICO violations
  • Hate crimes
  • Gun crimes
  • Computer fraud
  • Immigration-related crimes
  • Art theft, jewelry theft
  • Public corruption

The Goldman Wetzel team is standing by to take on your case. We recommend calling our federal crimes lawyers in Dunedin when:

  • Any federal agency wants to question you about an offense
  • An agent accuses you of committing a federal crime
  • The police issue a warrant for your arrest
  • Police arrest you on suspicion of a federal crime

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A Federal Crimes Conviction Could Bring Serious Penalties

If a federal court convicts you of a federal crime, you could face serious penalties including time in federal prison. While the severity of the offense plays a major role, the sentence you receive is not always up to the judge presiding over your case. If you face charges and the court convicts you, you can expect the judge to use several tools to determine your sentence. This will likely include:

While both mandatory minimums and maximum penalties are law, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines serve as advice on the type and duration of punishment the guilty party might face. Many judges use them as a guide to where to start. In general, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines look at:

  • The nature of the crime; and
  • The severity of the offense; and
  • Any prior convictions

Once the judge has a good idea of the range for a possible sentence, they can consider mitigating or aggravating circumstances in your case. This could make it possible to reduce your sentence or to extend it.

Some potential penalties associated with a federal criminal conviction include:

  • Owing fines and court costs
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Federal prison time

Our Attorneys Work Together to Fight for a More Favorable Outcome for You

The attorneys from Goldman Wetzel handle every case together. This allows us to build a stronger case and provide both compassionate support and the aggressive representation you want in a federal criminal case. Because of our varied backgrounds, you can also feel confident we have looked at your case from several different angles.

Summer Goldman previously worked in the prosecutor’s office. She helps the Goldman Wetzel team see things from the point of view of the attorney prosecuting your case. At the same time, Maribeth Wetzel, a career criminal defense attorney, ensures we have a strong defense strategy to fight the allegations against you.

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Let Us Build a Defense Strategy for Your Dunedin, FL Federal Crimes Case

It is best if you reach out to us before any charges are filed. If you call us early enough, we may be able to convince the U.S. Attorney to stop pursuing a case against you. We could prevent your case from moving forward before you face interrogation or arrest.

There is no one-size fits all answer to fighting a federal criminal case. We look at the facts of your case and develop a defense strategy based on those facts. Some common ways we pursue a more favorable outcome include:

  • Presenting evidence that stops the U.S. Attorney from indicting you
  • Building a strong case for an acquittal
  • Convincing prosecutors to reduce the charges against you
  • Negotiating a plea deal
  • Requesting a lighter or probated sentence

If you believe you could soon face federal charges, we recommend you call us as soon as possible. We will protect your rights and fight the allegations against you.

Talk to Our Federal Crimes Lawyers in Dunedin, FL

If you face accusations that you committed a federal crime, the criminal defense attorneys from Goldman Wetzel can help you build a strong defense. You do not have to face this type of allegation alone. Let us review your case and go to work fighting for a more favorable outcome.

Our Dunedin federal crimes defense team includes both of our principal attorneys who work every case together. When you hire one of us, you hire both. Call our office at 727-828-3900 to learn more about how a federal crimes lawyer in Dunedin, FL can help you today.