Federal Possession of a Firearm Lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL

Allegations that you had a gun you should not have can turn into accusations made by a United States Attorney in federal court in the Middle District of Florida. If you fear this could happen to you, reach out to the federal possession of a firearm lawyers at Goldman Wetzel today. Attorneys from Goldman Wetzel serving St. Petersburg, FL and its neighboring areas offer compassionate support and aggressive legal representation for every client.

There is no reason you need to face federal gun charges on your own. Our team can fight to protect your rights and pursue a more favorable outcome in your case. Call us today at 727-828-3900 to get started.

Understanding Federal Possession of a Firearm Charges in St. Petersburg, FL

There are generally two ways that possession of a firearm could escalate to a federal charge:

  • Possession of a firearm by someone not legally authorized to have a gun; or
  • Possession of a gun restricted by law

While the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, you may lose this right in some situations. You could face charges if a federal agency accuses you of having a gun when you are not allowed to and carrying this gun across state lines. They may believe you cannot legally possess a gun if you are:

Some types of guns are illegal for anyone to possess and taking one of these guns over state lines would be a federal offense. This includes:

  • A machine gun or fully automatic gun
  • A firearm silencer
  • A sawed-off shotgun with a barrel length under 18″ or total length under 26”
  • A semi-automatic assault weapon manufactured after October 1, 1993
  • Any gun that does not have a serial number or has an altered serial number

Facing the Consequences of a Conviction in a St. Petersburg, FL, Federal Firearms Case

If you are not allowed to own a firearm and take one across state lines, you could face up to ten years in federal prison under 18 USC § 922. If you have three or more previous convictions of violent felonies, your minimum sentence is 15 years behind bars. 

Statute 18 USC § 922, along with 26 USC § 5861, outline the crimes you commit when you possess an illegal firearm and take it across state lines. Depending on the offense and the facts of your case, you could face up to five to ten years in federal prison.

You do not have to accept a conviction and face these serious consequences without a fight. A federal possession of a firearm lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL from Goldman Wetzel can handle your case for you. Give us a call today, and we will stand by you and protect your rights throughout this process.

Goldman Wetzel’s Attorneys Can Fight for a More Favorable Outcome in Your Federal Possession of a Firearm Case

When you trust our team with your federal criminal case, you can feel confident we will fight aggressively for a more favorable outcome in your case. Both of our principals work together on every criminal case we handle. At Goldman Wetzel, our varied experience means you get legal professionals who can see your case from several angles.

Summer Goldman worked for the prosecutor’s office and can look at your case from the U.S. Attorney’s point of view. Maribeth Wetzel, on the other hand, is a career criminal defense attorney. She knows how to build a strong defense and fight for her clients in the courtroom. Together, they ensure every client gets both compassionate support and aggressive representation.

We will investigate the circumstances surrounding your alleged crime and develop a unique defense strategy based on the facts of your case. We may be able to achieve a more favorable outcome by:

  • Convincing the U.S. Attorney to drop the indictment
  • Presenting a strong argument for an acquittal in court
  • Reducing the nature and severity of the charges you face
  • Negotiating a plea deal for a lesser charge and lighter sentence
  • Asking the judge to give you a probated sentence

When possible, we like to get to work on a federal possession of a firearm case before the U.S. Attorney’s office files any charges. This gives us an opportunity to shut the case down before it even starts. However, we can step in at any point during your case. This includes:

  • Officers from a federal agency want to talk to you
  • You believe you may face federal firearms charges
  • There is a warrant out for your arrest
  • A United States Attorney indicts you for federal possession of a firearm

Talk to a Federal Possession of a Firearm Lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL

If you face allegations of illegally possessing a firearm on the federal level, you will want a robust legal defense team on your side. Our criminal defense attorneys from Goldman Wetzel understand that you need both compassionate support and an aggressive defense. We know the prospect of spending several years behind bars in a federal prison is unthinkable, and we will fight for a more favorable outcome in your case.

Whether you believe you could face accusations or if the court already indicted you, a federal possession of a firearm lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL can help. When you hire one of us, you get both. A member of our team is standing by to take your call, and we can go to work on your case today. Call us at 727-828-3900 to learn more.

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