If the police arrested you because they believed you violated Florida’s driving under the influence laws (316.193), you do not have to try to fight the system on your own. At Goldman Wetzel, our DUI defense attorneys in North Port know how these cases work from the inside out. We can anticipate how state attorneys will try to build a case against you and challenge their evidence and accusations.

Contact us as soon as possible after your arrest so we can go to work on your case. We may be able to appeal your administrative license suspension, protect your rights, and fight to help you avoid the harshest penalties associated with a DUI conviction.

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We Can Help You Fight a North Port DUI and Any Related Challenges

When police arrest you on suspicion of a DUI, the likelihood that the state attorney will press charges against you is not the only aspect of concern. There are also related challenges, including an administrative suspension of your driver’s license (322.2615) that will go into effect if you do not appeal it quickly and continue no matter the outcome of your criminal case.

Our DUI defense team in North Port knows how to file for an administrative hearing and fight this suspension. We can also help you deal with an impounded car and other penalties, but you will need to enlist our help as soon as possible after your arrest so we have time to get to work.

We accept all types of North Port DUI cases, including:

  • Misdemeanors and felonies
  • Juvenile offenses
  • State or federal crimes
  • Cases involving drugs or alcohol
  • Cases with additional charges or aggravating factors

Following the conclusion of your North Port DUI case, depending on the outcome, there may be additional steps you need to take to reinstate your driver’s license or otherwise help get your life back to normal. We can discuss this with you and may be able to help:

  • Expunge or seal criminal records
  • Petition for a hardship license
  • Reinstate your driver license after a suspension

A North Port DUI Conviction Comes With Significant Penalties

If you do not fight DUI charges, you will likely face serious consequences as a result of a conviction. Even for a first offense, you face:

  • Time in county jail
  • Fines
  • Suspension of your driver license
  • Vehicle impound
  • Probation
  • Community service hours
  • DUI school
  • Substance Abuse Evaluation

The severity or length of these penalties could vary based on the facts of your case. Many factors could cause you to face additional penalties or harsher consequences. This includes:

  • If you have previous DUI convictions
  • If you caused an accident involving injury
  • If you caused an accident involving death
  • If your blood alcohol concentration was exceptionally high
  • If you had a child in the car with you
  • If there were other extenuating circumstances

You can fight back and defend yourself against such accusations. Call a DUI lawyer in North Port from Goldman Wetzel today to discuss your case with them. They offer free consultations and can develop a defense strategy based on the circumstances of your arrest. Call 727-828-3900 now.

When You Hire One, You Hire Both

Summer Goldman and Maribeth Wetzel, the two criminal defense attorneys from Goldman Wetzel, work together on every case the firm takes on. This not only means you have two DUI lawyers on your side, it means you get to take advantage of both attorneys’ combined experience.

This is important because Summer and Maribeth have very distinct career paths. Maribeth is a career defense attorney, fighting for people like you who need legal help after an arrest. Summer, though, used to work in the prosecutor’s office. She knows how the prosecution approaches DUI cases and the types of evidence they will try to present to prove their case. By working together, they can build a strong case to defend you and fight for a more favorable outcome in your case. Call 727-828-3900 today for your free consultation with a member of our team.

We Can Develop a Defense Strategy Based on the Facts of Your Case

When you get arrested or face charges in a North Port DUI case, as in any criminal defense case, it is important to discuss your options with an attorney as early as possible in the process. By enlisting help right away, you can feel confident your rights remain protected and that you did not make any missteps that could hurt your case later on.

It also gives our attorneys a chance to intervene before you formally face charges, in some cases. If we can uncover evidence to show you were not driving, were not under the influence, or there are other reasons to question the evidence against you, we may be able to convince the state attorney not to pursue charges against you.

Alternatively, our strategy may include:

  • Presenting evidence that convinces the judge or prosecution to drop the charges
  • Working out a plea deal to reduce the charges and penalties you face
  • Taking your case to trial and presenting a strong defense
  • Pursuing a reduction to a reckless driving charge

Let our attorneys go to work on a defense strategy based on the facts of your case. Reach out to our office now to get started.

Talk to a DUI Lawyer in North Port

The DUI attorneys from Goldman Wetzel can take on your North Port DUI, as well as cases elsewhere in Sarasota County. We also serve clients in the greater Tampa Bay area, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, and Pinellas County. We offer free case reviews and consultations. Call 727-828-3900 today to learn more.