Federal Possession With Intent to Deliver Lawyer in Pinellas County

Possessing any controlled substance without a prescription is illegal. If police or agents from a federal agency believe you are guilty of this crime in Pinellas County, FL, you could face charges. If they think you plan to sell, share, or otherwise “deliver” the drugs, this is even more serious.

Charges of federal possession with intent to deliver in the Middle District of Florida could mean facing a United States Attorney in court or even spending time in federal prison if convicted. You do not want to try to fight this alone. Let the criminal defense attorneys from Goldman Wetzel help. Call us at 727-828-3900 for a no-cost case evaluation with a federal possession with intent to deliver lawyer in Pinellas County, FL.

The U.S. Attorney Must Prove Their Case Against You for a Conviction

Possessing an illegal drug is against the law, and the severity of this violation of state and federal laws only increases if the person also intends to distribute or deliver the drug. To convict you of this type of charge, the prosecutors will need to prove this intent.

“But I Wasn’t Selling Drugs!”

This is the first reaction many people have when they learn they face an arrest or charges that include federal possession with intent to deliver. The “intent to deliver” is a vital part of this charge, and they will need to prove this intent before they can convict you of this crime. However, this does not mean they have to prove you intended to sell the drugs. In addition to selling, this could mean you planned to:

  • Share the drugs with someone else;
  • Pass the drugs onto someone else;
  • Use the drugs with another person; or
  • Holding the drugs for someone until they could get them

Because of this broad definition of “to deliver,” it is much easier for prosecutors to build a strong case centered on your “intent.” They do not have to prove you had any actual intent to sell the drugs. You may face possession with intent to deliver charges if you:

  • Possess a large enough quantity of the drug that you are unlikely to intend to use it on your own; or
  • You have the drug separated into smaller portions; or
  • You have the equipment to separate the drug into smaller portions; or
  • You have scales or other equipment used to divide or sell drugs in your possession

Proving the Case

To win their case, the U.S. Attorney prosecuting you in the Middle District of Florida needs to provide evidence to show:

  • You knew you possessed an illegal drug, that it was in your control, and that you possessed it willingly; and
  • That you intended to deliver these drugs

If they cannot prove both parts of this, they will not be able to convict you on these charges. However, if they can provide enough evidence to get a conviction, you could face significant penalties. Sentencing in a federal drug case depends on several factors but can include substantial fines and time in federal prison.

When it comes to any drug possession case, the type of drug in question can dramatically change the length of the sentence associated with a conviction. While we will fight any conviction, facing charges of marijuana possession with intent to deliver is a less serious crime than if the drug involved was fentanyl or methamphetamines.

Goldman Wetzel Can Build a Defense Strategy Unique to Your Case

When you enlist the help of Goldman Wetzel in your case, you get two attorneys for the price of one. Both principal criminal defense lawyers work on every case together. Attorney Summer Goldman brings with her several years of experience working in the prosecutor’s office while attorney Maribeth Wetzel’s experience is focused on providing the strongest defense possible for every client.

When our federal possession with intent to deliver lawyers in Pinellas County, FL first meet with you, we will talk about what led to the accusations against you. Our team will launch our own investigation, collecting evidence and getting a better understanding of the facts of your case. This will allow us to develop a strategy for your defense that best fits your circumstances and unique needs. Depending on what we learn, we may be able to:

  • Help you avoid an indictment
  • Win an acquittal in court
  • Negotiating a plea deal for a lesser charge, meaning a lighter sentence
  • Negotiate a lighter or probated sentence after a conviction

We like to get started on these cases as early as possible, giving us the best chance of proving your innocence and preventing you from ever facing charges. We prefer to get to work immediately following the first hint of an allegation or after your arrest.

We can, however, go to work protecting your rights immediately if you already face charges or if the police want to question you about a crime. Reach out to us today, so we can go to work for you.

Discuss Your Case with a Federal Possession with Intent to Deliver Lawyer in Pinellas County, FL

The federal possession with intent to deliver lawyers in Pinellas County, FL from Goldman Wetzel will aggressively fight for the most favorable outcome possible based on the facts of your case. We know how stressful it can be to face charges, but you will never go through this alone with our team by your side. Will we step in to represent you as soon as you reach out and ask for our help.

The earlier we get involved in your case, the better. We recommend giving us a call as soon as you learn you may face allegations, arrests, or charges in a federal possession with intent to deliver the case. You can reach a member of our team today at 727-828-3900. We will review your case for free.