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There are state and federal laws against using a communication device to defraud someone of money. Known as wire fraud, this type of accusation can lead to charges in federal court. A conviction could mean time behind bars in federal prison.

You do not have to try to fight this type of allegation on your own. If you face arrest or charges for wire fraud, the attorneys from Goldman Wetzel can help. Let us review your case and begin to build a strong defense strategy we can use to pursue a more favorable outcome aggressively.

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Wire Fraud Is a Serious Accusation

While it may not seem as serious as a violent crime, wire fraud can lead to incarceration in the same facilities and for a similar length of time, in some cases. Federal allegations of wire fraud are not something you want to take lightly. It is a good idea to call the attorneys from Goldman Wetzel as soon as you learn you may face charges.

Federal statute 18 USC § 1343 explains the crimes related to wire fraud. In general, wire fraud occurs anytime a person uses a communication device to try to steal money or otherwise defraud another person. You cannot commit wire fraud accidentally as it often includes an elaborate story or hoax meant to convince the victim to give away money or other assets.

Wire fraud schemes may exist to try to gain access to:

  • Cash donations
  • Personal information including Social Security Numbers
  • Credit card or debit card numbers
  • Bank accounts
  • Account login credentials
  • Other types of assets

Wire fraud always involves the use of some communication device. In the past, it was typically a landline telephone. This is where the name “wire fraud” originated. Today, common tools include:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Online fundraising sites

These tools make it much easier to target many victims at once. This means the stakes are often higher in these cases than in the past since you could face penalties for each count of wire fraud.

Wire Fraud Convictions Come with Significant Penalties in Sarasota, FL

Wire fraud is a federal crime, and if you face charges, you will go before a Federal Judge. If convicted, this Judge will sentence you to penalties for every victim you defrauded. The Judge will likely consider the Federal Sentencing Guidelines as well as other facts about your case. This could include:

  • The amount of money you defrauded from the victims
  • The number of victims you defrauded
  • Other aggravating circumstances, such as targeting senior citizens

Depending on these and other factors, you could spend up to 20 years in federal prison and pay a $250,000 fine for each victim you defrauded. In some cases of wire fraud, convicted offenders have spent decades behind bars because of the number of victims of their crimes.

You do not want to leave it up to chance if you were arrested or charged with wire fraud in Sarasota. A conviction in these federal charges could take you away from your family and put you behind bars for a long time. You do not have to go through this alone. Call the wire fraud lawyers in Sarasota, FL from Goldman Wetzel today at 941-405-5193.

Let Goldman Wetzel Fight for a More Favorable Outcome in Your Wire Fraud Case

As soon as you learn you may face wire fraud charges, we encourage you to give us a call at 941-405-5193. Our wire fraud lawyers in Sarasota, FL like to get started working on criminal defense cases as early as possible, especially when federal charges are a possibility. Call us after they accuse you or after your arrest. When we get involved before they file charges, we may be able to uncover evidence to clear your name and prevent them from ever filing the charges.

Getting involved in your case early also allows us to provide you with representation throughout the criminal justice process. This includes:

  • Explaining and protecting your rights
  • Going with you to interrogations
  • Representing you during every court appearance
  • Fighting for your best interests throughout the process

Once you ask for our help in your Sarasota wire fraud case, we can begin our investigation into the allegations against you. We may be able to build a strong case that someone else committed the crime or that you were elsewhere when the crime occurred. Alternatively, we may be able to get a more favorable outcome for you by:

  • Having key evidence disallowed at trial
  • Negotiating a plea deal for a lesser charge and reduced penalties
  • Presenting a strong argument for a “not guilty” verdict in court
  • Negotiating a probated or reduced sentence

Both of our criminal defense attorneys work together on every case we handle. Our experience on opposite sides of the courtroom — Summer Goldman was formerly a Pinellas County prosecutor while Maribeth Wetzel is a career defense attorney — means we can better understand how the U.S. Attorney may approach their case against you. This allows us, in turn, to build a stronger defense on your behalf.

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If you face arrest or charges in connection with a wire fraud allegation in Sarasota, Florida, the attorneys from Goldman Wetzel can help. We can investigate the accusations against you, develop a defense strategy, and aggressively defend you against any charges you may face. The attorneys from Goldman Wetzel will work together on your case; when you hire one of us, you hire both of us.

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