Do I have to go to the police station if I am not under arrest?

Police officers may ask you to come to the police station for many reasons, even if you are not under arrest. They made need you to give your side of a story, detail an eyewitness account, or provide an alibi for someone. This may seem run of the mill; however, many people do not realize that officers can use anything and everything you say against you, even if they do not identify you as a suspect.

Remember that you have a constitutionally protected right to have an attorney advocate on your behalf. If officers ask you to come down to the station, politely let them know that you would be happy to do so, but that you must first discuss the matter with your lawyer.

What are the benefits to having an attorney present during questioning?

Because officers can use anything you say against you, there are infinite benefits to having an attorney by your side while speaking to the police. Remember, it is the police officer’s job to gather evidence for the state by whatever means necessary.

This means that police can trick you, or even lie to you, to get you to start talking. They can lie about evidence they have against you (e.g., someone saw you at the scene, your friend confessed to your involvement, etc.) that does not exist, yell at you, invade your personal space, etc. all to get a confession which might not even be true.

It is easy to get flustered and defensive and say more than you should; to ensure this does not happen, wait until your lawyer arrives and can protect you from saying anything an officer may use against you. We will not allow you to say anything that could incriminate you and will most likely advise you to say nothing at all.

Get an Attorney on your Side Today 

Do not let an authority figure intimidate you into incriminating yourself. If the police have any interest in speaking with you, call the criminal defense attorneys at Goldman Wetzel immediately. Rarely would we allow you to give the police a statement, and certainly not without an attorney present.

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