Our Story

We formed the law office of Goldman Wetzel in 2009 to give people a strong ally when they’re facing the harsh realities of the Florida criminal justice system. Our firm strongly believes in the Constitution and the importance of upholding the rights of individuals who are under investigation, under arrest, or charged with a crime.

There are plenty of criminal defense firms in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Bradenton. We know you have choices. So then why choose Goldman Wetzel as your criminal defense team?

We let these three principles guide the service that we give our clients.

We Love Helping People

When we meet people who are facing criminal charges, they’re often scared and unsure of their future. After arrest and while preparing to face criminal charges, society has often already pegged them as guilty. We get to know you so we can provide the comfort you need as you face these troubled times. We do this by being compassionate and non-judgmental, but also by providing you with smart, aggressive representation as we fight for justice within the criminal court system.

We Work as a Team

To give you this high level of service, we draw upon our unique backgrounds with the Florida State Attorney’s Office and within the Pinellas County criminal justice system. We are proud of the team approach we take for each of our clients, as well as the results that working together produces. Our team picks apart the details of every case that we handle to help us find solutions that will benefit your case.

We Stand for Exceptional Client Care

When you trust Goldman Wetzel to help you through this difficult time, you know that Summer or Maribeth will be right there by your side through the entire process. We take the time to understand how your charges may impact your life and future. Then, we tailor your defense accordingly.

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