Client Reviews

“I am very thankful that I had Summer on my side”

Summer Goldman of Goldman and Wetzel was one of a few attorneys who was referred to me by family friends after I was charged with a DUI. After meeting with each of the attorneys, I could tell that Summer’s firm was my best shot of beating a conviction. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. After each meeting with Summer, I left her office feeling confident, not defeated as most would facing a serious charge and a tough case to try in court. The process of a DUI is long and the ability to contact your attorney and have a response in a timely manner is very important. Summer and her staff were always just a phone call away. The end result of this case was, in my opinion, the best case scenario. Summer was able to to get me a deal that in my research and referrals is almost impossible. Even the judge was impressed with what Summer was able to work out with the State Attorneys Office. I am very thankful that I had Summer on my side. I would highly recommend her without question to anyone facing not only a DUI case but any criminal charges.


DUI Client

“Summer and Beth Wetzel were both amazing”

I was charged with a felony battery a little over a year ago and I needed a lawyer. After sitting down with Summer and Beth and going over my case, I knew she was the lawyer I wanted on my side. Summer sat me down and went over every aspect and detail involving my case. Any time there was new information or updates involving my case, Summer would get a hold of me asap or was just a phone call away. My case ended up going to trial because I refused to take any of the State’s plea agreements and I had 100% faith in Summer’s ability at trial. The trial lasted two days and once the closing arguments we over, the jury came back within 5 minutes with NOT GUILTY!!!! Summer and Beth Wetzel were both amazing through this whole process and I would recommend them to any and everybody who finds themselves in a tough situation like I was. A+++++


Felony Client

“…they go above and beyond in every situation”

I recently had to go through some of the most challenging times of my life. Facing two separate felony charges, I turned to Goldman Wetzel because of their good reviews and word of mouth. Not only did they go above and beyond in every situation, they got one charge completely dismissed and the other reduced to a misdemeanor. I hope I never do, but if I’m in need of legal council in the future, I’ll definitely be contacting Summer Goldman.


Felony Charges

“You won’t regret hiring Mrs. Wetzel as your lawyer”

I hired Mrs. Wetzel after I had gotten my second DUI. She was very helpful and did a fantastic job! I got no jail time, and that was what I was dreading the most. I would highly suggest her as a lawyer, she really cares about her clients and fights to get everyone the best outcome. You won’t regret hiring Mrs. Wetzel as your lawyer!


“…the best decision we ever made”

The first call my husband and I made to Summer Goldman was on a Friday night. She was out to dinner but still answered our call. As soon as I started talking with her I knew she was different. My family was being attacked and I was facing serious criminal charges. Her calming voice and immediate availability were the only solace we had at that time. Our first meeting was Sunday morning. I immediately felt her compassion for me as a person not just as a client. Her advice throughout the entire case proved invaluable and in hindsight was always right. Her experience working as a former prosecutor meant she not only knew all persons involved but was respected by all of her peers. No matter how busy she was she was always available and responded to my questions promptly. I was innocent and she believed it from the start. I am happy to say because of her intelligence, compassion and tenacity, all charges were dropped. Choosing be to represented by Goldman and Wetzel was the best decision we ever made.


Criminal Defense

“Summer was amazing in guiding me through the process”

I had to defend myself from malice intended from a prior business I was working at as a 1099 sub-contractor. Summer was amazing in guiding me through the process. I was desperate to talk to a lawyer once I was notified of business owner intentions. I talked to three other offices all dismissed me with things like need to schedule an appointment the lawyer is not in I can leave a message. When I contacted Goldman & Wetzel from a Google search, was the best time overall in this whole experience. I first spoke to Kristin who immediately put me first; even triaged me in and cleared all calls to give me full attention. I say Kristin for President! But I digress. Then, I was immediately called back from Summer they knew what was going on and guided me through a process I had no familiarity with. In the end, justice was served and I was cleared and the victor in some pretty shady moves from a gifted degenerate. I felt through the whole process that I was part of a team. I recommend Goldman & Wetzel as a legal team for any of your defense needs.


“Thank you, Beth”

Ms. Wetzel handled every aspect of our case from beginning to end with professionalism, knowledge, experience, confidence and compassion. She made our lives run smoothly throughout this case and we thank her for all of her expertise and care. Thank you, Beth.

Criminal Defense

“They treated me like a person instead of just some client”

I was very relieved when I met with Summer Goldman and her team. They treated me like a person instead of just some client. If you are looking for the best possible experience you can get in the event you need an attorney, this is the law firm to contact.


“I never felt alone…”

I was wrongfully accused of being a threat to a teenager of the family I married into. When sentenced the Injunction, my panic was relieved immediately after meeting with Summer. She listened, very carefully to my story. She cared. Then she began to nearly, teach me sections of the law that adhere to my case. Then her presence in the court room was like nothing else! She impressed the judge. She is amazing and never left me out in the dark. I never felt alone, and she was sensitive to my fragile state. I am so grateful for having met her!!


Domestic Violence

“I couldn’t have asked for better representation”

Beth was an amazing lawyer! I contacted her with a drug charge and she was very quick to meet with me and discuss my options. This was my first offense (and last!) and after discussing my options with her, we decided to go to drug court so that my charges would eventually be dismissed. She was there every month for me in court, answered my calls and questions promptly and even was able to get my charges dismissed earlier than we expected. I couldn’t have asked for better representation. Thank you, Beth!


Drug Charge

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