Proving Self-Defense in Domestic Violence Case

If you were protecting yourself from a partner, former partner, family member, or member of your household but the police accused you of being the aggressor in a Florida domestic violence incident, do not try to fight this alone. It can be difficult to prove self-defense in any criminal case, but the attorneys from Goldman Wetzel know what type of evidence it takes to make this defense work.

Florida law allows you to use deadly or non-deadly force to defend yourself, your children, and others if attacked or threatened. This includes in a domestic incident. In Florida, self-defense is a valid defense. You will just have to prove you acted to protect yourself from imminent harm.

We Can Help You Decide If Self-Defense Is the Best Strategy for Your Domestic Violence Case

Self-defense requires that you admit to harming the victim, and then convince the jury that you were, in fact, the victim in the incident. The state attorney prosecuting your case may have police officers on record who accuse you of pushing, hitting, restraining, or inflicting harm to the other party. They may call in eyewitnesses and use images of the other party’s injuries to prove their case.

It is up to us as your criminal defense attorneys to prove the alleged victim resorted to violence first and you reacted to protect yourself or your children. We will need to collect evidence and build a strong case to prove this. This evidence may include:

  • The alleged victim admitting to police they used violence
  • The alleged victim admitting to someone else they acted first
  • Testimony from an eyewitness
  • Documentation of defensive wounds you suffered
  • Illustrating how the victim’s wounds indicate you acted in self-defense

The attorneys from Goldman Wetzel understand that every domestic violence case is different. What works in one may not work in another. For this reason, we will review your case and determine if proving self-defense is the best strategy to get the most favorable outcome.

Depending on the facts of your case, we may be able to present other evidence to prevent the state attorney from pressing charges, get your charges dismissed, or get the charges you face reduced. This is important because if you are convicted, you could face significant time behind bars.

Our Team Will Investigate the Incident and Gather as Much Evidence as Possible to Support Self-Defense

When we go to work on any domestic violence case, we always seek to uncover as much information as possible about what happened, who, when, where, and why. This is key to building a strong defense for domestic violence charges whether our client acted in self-defense or not.

We will talk to you, interview other witnesses, review the police report, and take other steps to learn about:

  • The general facts of your case
  • The circumstances surrounding your arrest
  • Your injuries and the injuries of the alleged victim
  • Your past and present relationship with the victim
  • Any similar incidents involving the alleged victim
  • Any evidence the victim struggles with anger management or psychological problems

If the police falsely accused you of being the instigator in a domestic violence incident when you were only protecting yourself or your children, we may be able to uncover evidence that the police officers who responded to the incident overlooked or ignored.

Let the Goldman Wetzel Attorneys Use Their Experience to Implement a Strong Defense Strategy in Your Case

At Goldman Wetzel, we take a unique approach in how we handle every criminal defense case, including supporting your right to defend yourself against violence or threats from a family member, partner, or former partner. Our principal attorneys handle every case together. When you hire one, you get both.

Our attorneys have varied experience. Summer Goldman worked in the prosecutor’s office while Maribeth Wetzel is a career defense attorney. This experience allows them to understand the approach the state attorney will likely take to build a case against you and know the best way to prove self-defense in a domestic violence case.

Let our team review your case today. We may be able to develop and implement a strong defense strategy that proves to the judge and jury you acted in self-defense. We may be able to prevent you from facing charges, get the charges dismissed, or win your case in court.

Reach Out to the Tampa Bay, FL, Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyers from Goldman Wetzel

If the police arrested you for a domestic violence offense in Bradenton, Pinellas County, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, or Tampa, Florida, the lawyers from Goldman Wetzel are here to help. If we can present strong enough evidence to show you acted in self-defense, you may never face charges. If there are already charges against you, we can build a strong case on your behalf and try to clear your name.

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