At Goldman Wetzel, our focus is on being proactive. We work quickly to prevent the state from filing formal charges in the first place. But if they do, we leave no stone unturned to reach a favorable resolution.

Every client who enlists our service gets our very best. And here is how we deliver it:

We Listen to Every Detail of Your Story

Your story matters! During our first meeting – whether at the jail or at our office – we will carefully listen to your description of what occurred and what you hope the outcome of the case will be. This helps us better understand the case details and gives an idea of your biggest concerns so we can start working on a plan to reach the right solutions.

Careful, Comprehensive Research

We are big believers in the team approach to achieve these solutions. Our team will brainstorm your case, strategies, and defenses that we can use to reach the desired outcome. Rather than automatically defer to a “by the book” defense, Goldman Wetzel conducts thorough legal research about your case to figure out which defense will be most helpful.

We hire investigators and experts who can offer their expertise. We might also have you take a polygraph exam or recommend an evaluation by a psychologist or drug or substance abuse expert if we think it could help your case. We look at the aspects of your case that other attorneys may overlook.

Our Proactive Approach with Prosecutors

Goldman Wetzel goes head-to-head with the prosecutors to highlight weaknesses in their case against you. We also personalize you with the prosecutors so they understand that you’re not “just another criminal.” We want them to know that you are a real human being facing consequences that can have real effects on your life and those in it. This might help us negotiate a better plea deal or even avoid formal charges altogether.

By Your Side Throughout the Entire Case

During this process, you’re right there with us. We explain every decision we make so you’re confident about the direction of your case. Whether we’re standing next to you in court or you’re waiting at home for the next hearing, we keep you informed and involved. After all, it is your defense.

So call us or contact us via our online form to get started if you’re in St. Petersburg, Tampa, or Bradenton: 727-828-3900.