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If you face allegations, arrest, or charges of child pornography in Sarasota, FL, you do not want to try to handle your case on your own. This is a serious offense, and a conviction could greatly impact the rest of your life. The criminal defense attorneys from Goldman Wetzel can take on your case and aggressively defend you from public accusations and in the courtroom.

In addition to serving clients in Sarasota, we can also help if you face allegations of child pornography or a related offense in Bradenton, Pinellas County, St. Petersburg, Tampa, or Manatee County. Call our team today by dialing 941-405-5193. A child pornography lawyer in Sarasota, FL can answer your questions or go to work for you right away.

Call on Our Team as Soon as Possible in Your Sarasota Case

The two principal criminal defense attorneys at Goldman Wetzel, Summer Goldman, and Maribeth Wetzel, work together on every child pornography case. We believe our varied backgrounds give us a more balanced view of these cases.

We encourage you to give our team a call as soon as you know police believe you may have committed a crime. This often comes after an arrest. If we can get to work on your case before they file charges against you, a child pornography lawyer in Sarasota, FL may be able to clear your name and keep them from proceeding with a case against you. This is usually the best possible outcome in a case like this.

Reach out to a member of our team today at 941-405-5193. We are available to discuss the facts of your case, address your concerns, or go to work representing you immediately.

Florida Law Takes Child Pornography Seriously

Child pornography is an offense both under Florida statutes and federal law. In Florida, statutes 847.0135, 847.0138, and 827.071(5)(a) outline aspects of this crime which include possessing, distributing, transmitting, or manufacturing child pornography. If someone engages in these activities and the images or video gets transmitted or distributed across state lines, they could face federal charges in the Middle District of Florida

To convict you of this type of charge, the prosecution must prove:

  • You possessed, distributed, transmitted, or manufactured images or video; and
  • The material depicted children or teens under the age of 18; and
  • The minor or minors were engaged in some sexual activity.

In general, any image with a nude minor of any age, from infant to teen, could constitute child pornography. It can vary from a simple nude photo to a graphic depiction of a minor engaged in a sexual act. Some of the most common types of child pornography include:

  • Shared pictures or videos
  • Computer data files containing images or videos
  • Streaming or downloaded videos
  • Live shows and exhibitions or video of these exhibitions
  • Any other display, images or video

A Sarasota Child Pornography Conviction Could Impact the Rest of Your Life

A conviction on even a single Florida child pornography charge comes with serious penalties that could affect almost every aspect of the rest of your life. The sentence for a single conviction of this third-degree felony include:

  • Up to five years in state prison
  • Up to five years of probation
  • A $5,000 fine

You will likely also have to register and keep your contact information up-to-date on Florida’s sex offender registry for the foreseeable future or even the rest of your life. This alone can cause problems because this is public information so your neighbors will learn about your conviction. As a convicted felon, it may be difficult to get a job or rent a home.

It is also important to note that there are few cases against someone who possesses a single example of child pornography. Some people face dozens or even hundreds of individual charges that each could bring equally severe penalties. This could happen to you if the prosecution alleges you possessed, transmitted, or manufactured many inappropriate images.

Because of the prison time and other severe consequences possible, if convicted of a state or federal child pornography charge, you will want to avoid a conviction if at all possible. Call us today at 941-405-5193 and let us fight for a more favorable outcome for you.

Talk to a Child Pornography Lawyer in Sarasota, FL Today

If you face allegations, arrest, or charges in a Sarasota child pornography case, the criminal defense lawyers from Goldman Wetzel can help you navigate this stressful, harrowing time. We can help you understand what to expect during the criminal justice process and develop a strong strategy to aggressively defend you from criminal charges if necessary.

Depending on the unique circumstances of your case, a child pornography lawyer in Sarasota, FL may be able to:

  • Uncover evidence to clear your name
  • Get key evidence barred from court
  • Negotiate a plea deal for a lesser charge and penalty
  • Present a strong case on your behalf in court
  • Take other steps to reduce the charges or consequences you face

Child pornography is a serious crime that may come with a serious prison sentence if they convict you on a state or federal level. Goldman Wetzel can offer both the aggressive presentation and the compassionate support you need and deserve.

Call us today at 941-405-5193 to enlist our help now or to discuss your legal options for fighting the allegations you face.

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