Sex crime attorney in St. PetersburgThe state of Florida takes a firm stand against sex crimes of any nature. Prosecutors tend to put substantial time and effort into sexually related cases because of the public view and the media frenzy that surrounds these types of cases. If you have been charged with a sex crime, there is a lot at stake — namely, your reputation, future, and freedom. It’s vital to enlist the help of a sex crime attorney in St. Petersburg right away to begin working on your defense. At Goldman Wetzel, we will review your case during a free initial consultation.

Types of Sex Crime Charges

Our defense attorneys are devoted to helping those who’ve been accused of sex crimes fight the charges. Attorney Wetzel has an excellent background in criminal trial practice and has devoted her career to defense. Attorney Goldman worked as a prosecutor prior to transitioning to defense, so she has valuable insight into how prosecutors think and approach these types of cases. No matter how challenging the case, our team can handle it.

Below are a few examples of sex crime cases with which we can assist clients.

Defending against Sex Crime Allegations in St. Petersburg

Being charged with a sex crime is, quite understandably, a devastating and humiliating experience. There’s a stigma attached to being charged with sex crimes in our society, and those who’ve been accused of such crimes risk prison time, losing their job and their marriage, and being ostracized. Furthermore, if convicted, you’ll have to register as a sex offender or sexual predator, a label that will affect you for a lifetime.

Our team at Goldman Wetzel is fully aware that many of these charges are unfounded or based on a circumstance that was blown way out of proportion. Sometimes the charges are the result of complex family dynamics; other times, the circumstances are quite innocent or the accusations are skewed or completely false.

When we take a case, we work hard to quash accusations. We ensure our clients’ rights are upheld and proven strategies and tactics to defend their best interests. We will point out any flaws in the prosecution’s case and shed light on any errors that investigators or law enforcement made. Our primary focus will be on getting the charges dropped or reduced and pushing for the best possible outcome for our clients.

Having a Defense Team on Your Side

If you have been charged with a sex crime, it’s important not to discuss your case with investigators without your attorney present. It’s quite hard for people not to say something incriminating inadvertently. If you’ve yet to secure an attorney, call our office at 727-828-3900 for help. Having the right attorney who is willing to fight doggedly on your behalf is critical to the resolution of your case.

Once we’ve decided to work together, our defense team will intercede on your behalf, explain the details of your charges and share the steps we will take together through the criminal justice system. We also will collect evidence to support your case and build a strong defense so that your story is brought out in the best possible light.

To protect your future and your freedom, you’ll need to secure an attorney that is tough, sharp and thorough. That’s where Goldman Wetzel comes in. We have a proven history of acquittals, mitigated charges and greatly reduced penalties. Contact us today for a free consultation.