Understanding Traveling to Meet a Minor Lawyer in Bradenton

Allegations that you traveled to meet a minor for sexual activity is a serious allegation and one that you do not want to take lightly. If you face accusations, arrest, or charges in Bradenton, FL, or elsewhere in Manatee County, the criminal defense attorneys from Goldman Wetzel are here to help. There is no reason why you must fight this alone.

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Understanding “Traveling to Meet a Minor” Charges

Traveling to meet a minor is illegal under both state and federal law. In Florida, it is a crime under Section 847.0135(4). A minor includes all children under the age of 18 and those the accused believe are under the age of 18.

It is illegal for an adult to travel any distance to meet a minor for the purpose of engaging in any sexual activity. In most cases, this crime also involves using a computer to meet, engage, or solicit the minor.

To convict you of traveling to meet a minor, the prosecutor’s office must show:

  • You willingly and knowingly traveled to meet a minor to commit an illegal act, including any sexual contact
  • The victim was under the age of 18, or you believed the victim to be under the age of 18
  • You lured the minor — or attempted to lure the minor — into engaging in a sexual relationship with you or another adult

You Could Face Serious Consequences if Convicted of This Crime

Traveling to meet a minor is a second-degree felony. This is a serious charge that could call for significant consequences if convicted. If you crossed state lines to meet with the minor, you could face federal charges.

Under Florida law, a second-degree felony is punishable by as many as 15 years in state prison. You could also face probation and fines. In many cases, the court will require you to report your current address and contact information to the state’s sex offender registry for the rest of your life.

You may also face additional charges if there was any face-to-face contact with the child or you exchanged pictures or videos. This could include child pornography, statutory rape, sexual assault, and rape.

Our Partners Will Work Together on Your Bradenton, FL Felony Case

Any time Goldman Wetzel accepts a criminal defense case, both partners work together to give the client the strongest possible defense. When you hire one of us, you hire both of us. Goldman Wetzel principals Summer Goldman and Maribeth Wetzel work together on every case. Because of their varied backgrounds and experience, they each bring a different point of view to the table.

  • Goldman worked for the State Attorney and can help us see the case from the prosecutor’s point of view
  • Wetzel has worked as a career criminal defense attorney and knows the types of defenses that can work to get a more favorable outcome for her clients

Together, our legal team will provide aggressive representation side-by-side with compassionate support. We will guide you through the legal process, putting your mind at ease while we fight for a more favorable outcome on your behalf.

We Will Build a Solid Defense and Fight for a More Favorable Outcome in Your Case

At Goldman Wetzel, we prefer to get started on each case as early as possible. Call us as soon as you learn police want to question you, and there are allegations made, or the issue a warrant for your arrest. If we can get to work on your case before they file charges, we may be able to prevent them from doing so. We can sometimes uncover evidence to clear your name or bring their evidence into question, stopping the case before it begins.

If you do not reach out to us at this early stage, or if we cannot stop them from pressing charges against you, we will develop a strong defense strategy we will use to pursue a more favorable outcome on your behalf. Some of the most common ways a traveling to meet a minor lawyer in Bradenton, FL can get a better outcome for our clients in a Bradenton, FL, criminal case includes:

  • Presenting evidence to clear your name and getting the charges dropped
  • Working with prosecutors to reduce the nature and severity of the charges
  • Negotiating a plea deal for a lesser charge
  • Arguing the facts of the case in court and fighting for a not guilty verdict
  • Requesting a probated sentence and presenting evidence to support this

Arrests for traveling to meet a minor may occur following police stings that overstep their bounds or entrap innocent adults who do not intend to commit any illegal act. If this happened to you, we might be able to build a strong case showing police acted inappropriately and violated your rights. In Manatee County, FL, call us today at 727-828-3900  to learn more.

Talk to a Traveling to Meet a Minor Lawyer in Bradenton, FL

If you face allegations or charges of traveling to meet a minor for sex in Bradenton, FL, you cannot take these accusations lightly. The traveling to meet a minor lawyers in Bradenton, FL from Goldman Wetzel can implement a strong criminal defense strategy, aggressively pursuing a more favorable outcome in your case. There is no reason to try to navigate the criminal justice process alone, especially when facing accusations of a felony crime against a child.

Call our Manatee County, Florida, office today at 727-828-3900. We will review your case for free and help you understand your options for fighting these allegations.