If I am arrested but not charged, will it appear on my criminal record?

Yes, if you were arrested but not charged, it will appear on your criminal record. Having any mars on your record — even arrests for crimes you did not commit — can pose a hurdle for you. You might want to consider having your records expunged or sealed, if possible.

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What information is on my criminal record?

Arrest records are public record. This means that anyone can see them, including employers, universities, attorneys, landlords, immigration officers, and anyone else who might be investigating your background.

Your record, or rap sheet, will include a list of all of your arrests, along with pertinent information including the date of arrest, a description of you, the offense(s), and the status of charge (e.g., released on own recognizance, bonded out, etc.)

You can search your records online to see exactly what is on your record. In Pinellas County, for arrests after November 28, 2005, you can use the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Inquiry to look up your records. You can also search Pinellas County court records on the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s site.

Can I have my records sealed or expunged?

It is in your best interest to talk to a Goldman Wetzel attorney about sealing your record (which means that your case is still kept on file, but no one has access to it without a judge’s order) or expunging your record (which means your arrest is deleted from public databases, including the Clerk of the Courts and the police department).

Not all crimes or injunctions are eligible for sealment or expunction. There are several criteria you must meet:

  • This must be the first time you have tried to seal or expunge your record. However, you can still qualify if you are seeking an expungement after 10 or more years since a sealment, or if you are an adult seeking sealment or expunction of your juvenile record.
  • You must not have a serious crime on your record for which the state forbids expunction. Domestic violence, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and sexual battery are all examples of crimes that are ineligible for sealment or expunction.
  • You must never have been convicted of a crime. Not just the arrest record you want to seal or expunge, but any crime.

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If you have been arrested, it is on your record, regardless of the outcome of your case. Your record can wind up hurting not only your personal reputation, but also things such as future employment, immigration proceedings, status in college, status in professional organizations, and custody cases.

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