Selling Firearms Without a License

Florida does not have any laws that require sellers to obtain a state license or permit, but federal laws still apply. To legally import, manufacture, or deal in firearms in interstate commerce from Florida, the seller must hold a federal gun dealer’s license. Selling firearms across state lines without this type of license is a federal offense.

If the police arrested you for selling firearms without a license in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Polk County, you could face federal charges in the Middle District of Florida.

You Could Face Federal Charges in the Middle District of Florida

To sell guns across state lines in the United States, you need to possess a gun dealer’s license. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) issues Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs). Without going through their approval process and getting a license, you could face federal charges if you import, manufacture, or sell guns.

Federal firearms charges are not something you want to try to take on by yourself. You will need to appear in federal court, and the consequences of a conviction could be significant. If local police, the ATF, or another law enforcement agency accuses you of a federal firearms violation in Tampa, St. Petersburg, or other nearby cities, give Goldman Wetzel a call. You do not have to fight this alone.

Federal Convictions Can Bring Serious Consequences

Depending on the circumstances of your arrest and the facts of your case, you may face felony charges for a federal firearms crime. If the prosecuting attorney chooses to file felony charges against you, the consequences of a conviction may be significant and life-altering. You could face:

  • Five to ten years in federal prison; or
  • A fine of up to $250,000; or
  • Both a prison sentence and a fine

In some cases, especially if there is no link between the illegal selling of a firearm and a crime, you could face a misdemeanor charge. This is a much better scenario when it comes to a favorable outcome in your case, but the consequences of a conviction can still have a serious impact on your life. A misdemeanor in federal court could mean:

  • Up to one year in federal prison; or
  • A fine of up to $100,000; or
  • Both prison time and a fine

We Can Develop a Solid Defense Strategy in Your Federal Firearms Offense Case

The two principal lawyers from Goldman Wetzel work together on every case they handle. When you hire one of them, you get both. This gives you the best of both worlds. Summer Goldman worked for the prosecutor’s office and takes on that perspective while Maribeth Wetzel works from the point of view of a career defense attorney. Together, they can build a strong, well-rounded defense for your federal case.

We will sit down and talk with you about the allegations against you and the circumstances of your arrest. We will launch our own investigation to uncover the facts of the case and build a strong defense on your behalf.

We may be able to:

  • Stop them from filing charges
  • Get the charges dropped
  • Fight for an acquittal in court
  • Reduce in the nature and severity of the charges against you
  • Negotiate a plea deal for a lesser charge
  • Convince the judge to probate your sentence

The Goldman Wetzel criminal defense attorneys can get to work on your case today. We will review your case for free if:

  • The police arrested you for selling firearms without a license
  • The police want to question you about a crime
  • The police called you a person of interest or a suspect in a crime
  • There is a warrant out for your arrest for a federal crime
  • You face charges for selling firearms without a license

We can go to work immediately to protect your rights. We will be by your side through the entire process and help you fight against the allegations against you.

Talk to the Goldman Wetzel Team About Your Case Today

Selling firearms without a license can be a severe accusation in Florida. If you face allegations or charges, the team from Goldman Wetzel is here to help. We can review your case and go to work for you. Because you get both of our attorneys from Goldman Wetzel working on your case, we can expect to receive both effective communication and support and aggressive representation in your case.

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