Visiting a Family Member in Jail in Pinellas or Hillsborough Counties

Visiting a Family Member in Jail in Pinellas or Hillsborough Counties

Both Pinellas and Hillsborough counties provide a couple of options for visiting a family member in jail. The hours, services, and rules vary slightly from county to county. Below are some of the basics for jail visitation in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. For more detailed information about jail regulations contact the Sheriff’s Office; for legal defense, contact Goldman Wetzel.

What are some of the rules for visitation at Pinellas County Jail?

Pinellas County Jail provides two ways you can visit your family member:

  • At the Video Visitation Center
  • On the Mobile Video Visitation Bus

All visitors must register and schedule their visit prior to going to Visitation Center or Bus using the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Online Inmate Visitation Scheduling System. You can schedule your visits up to a week in advance; all visits last for a maximum of 40 minutes. The visitation operating hours are 11:30 a.m. to 7:40 p.m.; the Visitation Bus hours are 11:30 a.m. to 7:40 p.m. Inmates can see up to three people at a time, one of whom must be an adult (two adults or two children maximum). All visitors must show a valid ID.

You can also send your family member mail or money orders, so long as you stick to the county’s rules and regulations. Before attending or sending anything, make sure you carefully read over the rules about visitation and inmate services.

What are some of the rules for visitation at Hillsborough County Jail?

Hillsborough County Jail does not have a Visitation Bus, but you can visit a family member for up to 40 minutes at the Video Visitation Center located on the premises of the Falkenburg Road Jail, 520 North Falkenburg Road in Tampa. Visiting hours at the Video Visitation Center are 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Like Pinellas County, inmates must schedule all visits at least a day in advance and visitors must present a valid ID. The inmate may see three visitors at a time, but one visitor must be an adult.

In addition, Hillsborough County imposes strict rules on mail inmates receive; you can only send postcards, and there are limits as to their size and what you can put on them.

You can also send your loved one government checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders, which you can deposit at any Hillsborough County Jail Facility. Carefully read over the visitation rules and inmate contact information page before visiting.

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