I was arrested in Florida but live out of state. What happens next?

If you have an outstanding warrant or were arrested in Florida but live out of state, it is important to understand what your options are and how to proceed in such a way that, hopefully, means you will not need to return to the state to resolve your case.

Our office receives numerous calls each month from people who were arrested for offenses such as DUI, Disorderly Intoxication/Conduct, Domestic Battery, while visiting or vacationing in Florida. There are several routes we can pursue on our clients’ behalf in these scenarios that can work to their benefit.

If you were recently indicted in Florida or have a warrant out, call Goldman Wetzel in St. Petersburg today to discuss your case: 727-828-3900.

Do I have to return to Florida to resolve my criminal case?

If you have a pending case in Florida, it may be possible for us to resolve the case without you needing to return to the state. There are several ways we may be able to do this:

  • We can try to work with the prosecutor and discuss the possibility of dropping the case.
  • We can petition the court to withdraw your arrest warrant if your charges involve non-violent, misdemeanor Often the judge will take your initiative to hire an attorney as your willingness to participate in and your respect for the criminal court system.
  • We can try to resolve your case through a “plea in absentia,” which essentially allows us to stand in for you during the proceedings so you do not have to appear in court.

What if I was arrested for a felony offense?

If your pending charge is a felony offense, our goal will be to try to prevent you from being held in a Florida jail while your case is still going through the proceedings.

There are several factors that can assist us with getting your case either withdrawn or quickly resolved so you do not have to return to Florida. If you reside outside of state, your charges are rather dated, and your case did not involve violence or bodily harm, then the courts are more likely to work with us.

Also, if you are able to promptly pay any court-ordered restitution, fees, and fines, the courts may look at your case more favorably and be more willing to resolve it quickly.

Of course, there are certain cases in which you will need to return. For instance, if you plead to a felony and have felony probation, you must appear. However, we can try to get your probation transferred out of state. Likewise, if the court orders you to serve a jail or prison sentence or if you want to go to trial, you would obviously need to be present.

Your case will not go away on its own. Call Goldman Wetzel to explore your options.

Failing to appear in court will mean an additional stain on your record. If you were arrested in Florida but live out of state, it is important to explore your options with Florida defense lawyer before your hearing. The sooner you deal with the issues at hand, the sooner we can start working on a resolution. Call a defense lawyer at Goldman Wetzel in St. Petersburg today: 727-828-3900.