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Rules & Eligibility for House Arrest in Florida

The Community Control supervision program, commonly referred to as “house arrest,” is a type of diversion program used as an alternative to imprisonment for eligible offenders. House arrest in Florida is by no means a way for offenders to “get off easy,” but rather a...

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How can you fight extradition from Florida?

If you have been arrested in St. Petersburg on an extradition warrant from another state, Florida law gives you the right to a hearing in which you can fight the extradition. Goldman Wetzel can help. Our defense attorneys will aggressively defend your rights and...

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What is double jeopardy?

The double jeopardy clause, provided in both federal and state statutes, protects defendants from being punished twice for the same crime. It is a constitutional right. Used in appropriate cases, double jeopardy can be an effective procedural defense. If you are being...

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