How Long Do You Go to Jail for Domestic Violence?

If the police arrest you or you face charges for a domestic violence offense in Florida, you will likely face time behind bars if convicted. Florida laws allow for mandatory minimum jail sentences for those who commit first-degree misdemeanor domestic battery, as well as more serious felony domestic violence offenses. In addition, you could face fines, probation, and other penalties.

You do not have to try to fight these charges and navigate the criminal justice system on your own. The Tampa Bay area criminal defense attorneys from Goldman Wetzel can help. We may be able to help you prevent charges from being filed, avoid a conviction, or get a more favorable outcome in your case.

How Long You Could Go to Jail For Domestic Violence

If the courts find you guilty of a domestic violence crime such as domestic battery or felony domestic battery, you could face mandatory minimum jail or prison time. If you intentionally caused injuries to a spouse, former spouse, live-in partner, former live-in partner, or the other parent of your child, you will receive time behind bars as a part of your sentence.

While the maximum varies from one year to five years and more for these crimes, the minimum is the same across the board. This may include time in a county jail or a state correctional facility. Mandatory minimums for domestic violence in Florida include:

  • 10 days for a first offense
  • 15 days for a second offense
  • 20 days for a third or subsequent offense.

In many cases, your sentence may include significantly more time behind bars than the mandatory minimum. If this happens in your case, we may be able to get the judge to probate some or all of your jail time beyond the mandatory minimum.

Minimum Jail Time If Your Child or the Victim’s Child Witnessed the Offense

These mandatory minimum sentences increase if your child, the child of the victim, or another child who resides with you or the victim witnesses the domestic violence taking place. Florida lawmakers are especially tough on offenders who commit this type of crime in front of children under the age of 16 years old.

If the facts of your case include a baby, child, or young teenager witnessing the incident, and you get convicted, you will face additional mandatory time in county jail or a state correctional facility. This includes:

  • 15 days for a first offense
  • 20 days for a second offense
  • 30 days for a third or subsequent offense

Of course, the court could sentence you to more time behind bars as a part of the consequences of committing this type of crime if you are convicted. These mandatory minimums are the time you must serve. The court could probate the rest of your sentence, if the judge agrees.

Goldman Wetzel Can Help You Fight Domestic Violence Accusations

If you face accusations of domestic violence, you need to take swift action to ensure your rights remain protected and you have a strong defense strategy in place to fight any charges you may face. With the criminal defense attorneys from Goldman Wetzel on your side, we take care of all this for you.

Goldman Wetzel takes a unique approach to criminal defense. Our two principal attorneys handle every case together. When you hire one, you get both. Because of their varied backgrounds, they always have a well-rounded view of the cases they take on. Summer Goldman previously worked in the prosecutor’s office; Maribeth Wetzel as a career defense attorney. They can provide both compassionate support and aggressive legal representation.

Call the team at Goldman Wetzel at 727-828-3900 as soon as you find out that you might go to jail for domestic violence. When we get involved early, we may be able to:

  • Uncover evidence that stops the State Attorney from filing charges against you.
  • Get the State Attorney to drop the charges you face.
  • Get the charges reduced.
  • Take your case to court and present a strong argument for acquittal.
  • Negotiate a plea deal for a lesser crime with a lighter sentence.
  • Work with the court to probate as much of your sentence as possible.

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