How to Lift No-Contact Orders for Domestic Violence Cases

How to Lift No-Contact Orders for Domestic Violence Cases

Many domestic violence cases involve no-contact orders or restraining orders which prevent the defendant from making contact or approaching the alleged victim. In some instances, the court issues a no-contact order because of the facts surrounding the case. In other cases, the court may issue a no-contact order at victims’ requests because they say they are fearful of the defendant.

No-contact orders can complicate a domestic violence case for a defendant. They can also affect the outcome of divorce or custody cases. If you are facing domestic violence charges, call the defense attorneys at Goldman Wetzel in St. Petersburg to discuss your case and learn more about how to lift a no-contact order: 727-828-3900.

How do I lift a no-contact order?

When you work with our team, we can explain exactly what you are up against with your domestic violence case and how we should proceed to get the court to lift your order. The steps entail the following:

  1. First, we will draft and file a “Motion to Modify Conditions of Release” and other pertinent forms with the court.
  2. We will then schedule a hearing with the Domestic Violence County Court judge at the Pinellas County Criminal Justice Center.
  3. We will tell you when your court date is, and the court will send a notice of the hearing to the other party.
  4. Our team will attend the hearing with you and request that the judge modify the conditions of your no-contact order, which will allow for regular contact.

Why is it important to get the court to lift a no-contact order?

Getting a no-contact order lifted or nullified in a domestic violence case can be the first step of reconciliation or at least peaceably communicating with the other party.

Even if you have no desire to contact the alleged victim, getting the no-contact order lifted may still be beneficial if you have a case pending.

Most importantly, having a no-contact order in place means you are at risk for violating it, which could bring harsh penalties. If the court finds you violated the order (even if the contact was not your idea or was unintentional), it could revoke your bond, you could get arrested again, and you could face a new, separate “Violation of Pre-Trial Release Conditions” charge.

It is better to have a court lift the order and not risk a restraining order violation.

How can Goldman Wetzel help with my St. Petersburg domestic violence case?

Goldman Wetzel is passionate about defending people in the St. Petersburg area, helping them navigate the criminal justice system, and fighting for positive resolutions on their behalves.

Our domestic violence attorneys can help file the forms with the court to request that the judge lift your order and speak to the judge at the hearing. We can also contact the judge and try to arrange for an expedited hearing so you can quickly move past this issue and get on with your case and your life.

Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with our team in St. Petersburg.