What is the best DUI defense strategy?

The best DUI defense strategy for you depends on the specific circumstances of your case. Call our determined DUI defense attorneys at Goldman Wetzel to discuss your case today. With a strong defense, we can work to have your case dropped before the state even files charges, get your charges and penalties reduced, or even obtain an acquittal. Contact us today at 727-828-3900 for more information.

What is the best defense strategy for my DUI case?

The most effective strategy is the one that will work best for the unique circumstances of your case. To determine the best approach, attorneys Summer Goldman and Maribeth Wetzel will review all the facts of your case together, including the details of the arrest, your description of the event, the officer’s report, your breathalyzer or blood/urine test results, and your criminal history. If there are any witnesses, medical factors to consider, police body cam footage, or blatant errors or oversights made during the stop, arrest, or booking, we will assess all those important items as well.

Only after we have collected and considered all the facts can we develop a truly effective defense strategy for your DUI case. After honing a promising defense for your case, we will share our plan of attack with you, get your feedback, and then immediately get to work on your case.

Example DUI Defense Strategies

Not all DUI charges are legitimate. Officers make mistakes, breathalyzers are not infallible, and other factors may exist that affected the sobriety test. Contrary to what the state would have the public believe, the prosecution’s DUI cases are not based solely on science. In fact, every piece of DUI evidence is ambiguous, subjective, open to multiple interpretations, potentially based on faulty assumptions, and open to argument.

At Goldman Wetzel, we have handled countless DUI cases in and around the St. Petersburg area. And each defense strategy we use is somewhat unique. In some cases, we can prove the charges were unwarranted and get the case dropped before trial. In other cases, we might expose flaws in the state’s case during a trial or negotiate with the state for lesser charges.

Below are a few examples of defense strategies we may use:

  • The police had no grounds to stop you.
  • The officer administering the test did not follow proper protocol or was unqualified to administer the test.
  • The officer did not calibrate the breathalyzer correctly.
  • Officers contaminated or mishandled blood or urine tests, or an unqualified lab worker read the results incorrectly.
  • You were fatigued or had medical conditions that affected your driving or the outcome of your sobriety tests.
  • Your diet caused a false positive on your breath test.
  • Law enforcement denied you certain Constitutional rights, e.g., did not read you your Miranda rights.
  • The prosecution violated state rules of civil procedure and evidence.

This is just a partial list. To effectively defend against these charges, we must first look closely at the details surrounding your case. Then, we will work on developing a comprehensive strategy and plan of action.

Our DUI defense attorneys can help you fight your charges.

Our criminal defense attorneys at Goldman Wetzel have handled all types of DUI cases in St. Petersburg, many of which have resulted in positive outcomes for our clients.

We know how important your case is to you and your family and how much is on the line. Our team is passionate about providing aggressive, effective legal representation and counsel for the clients we represent. We work together on each DUI case to ensure that we develop the best strategies and give each client the time and attention they deserve.

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