• Possession with the Intent to Distribute & Conspiracy to Distribute 500 grams or More of Cocaine (Federal Offense)

    State v. WM Overview - Our client faced a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 yrs in the federal bureau of prisons for his involvement in a cocaine conspiracy. Federal agents used a wiretap that recorded our client engaged in the crime. Result - Court sentenced our client to a period...

  • Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Arrest with Violence

    State v. EF Overview - Our client faced two felony charges for her actions toward law enforcement while investigating an arson. Result - Our client pled to reduced charges of misdemeanor obstruction for which she was not convicted nor placed on probation.

  • Sexual Battery

    State v. AK Overview - Our client was arrested and was facing 30 years in prison for sexual battery, which he confessed to. Result - The State dropped the case without our client ever appearing in court.

  • Lewd and Lascivious Molestation

    State v. IC Overview -Underage neighbor accused our client of molesting her. Result - Not guilty verdict after jury trial.

  • Failure to Register as a Sexual Predator

    State v. BH Overview - Our client was accused of failing to provide work information to the sheriff’s office as required by the sexual predator statute. Mandatory sentencing guidelines called for a 37 month prison sentence. Result - Client was sentenced to 24 months of community control.

  • Capital Sexual Battery

    State v. BT Overview - Our client faced several counts of sexual battery and life in prison for allegedly molesting a child. Result - Not guilty verdict after jury trial.

  • Capital Sexual Battery (Custodial)

    State v. CMG Overview - Client accused of having sexual intercourse with his young step-daughter. Result - Court dismissed all charges against our client based on the motion to dismiss we filed and argued for at a hearing.

  • Lewd and Lascivious Molestation

    State v. CH Overview - Our client was accused of molesting an eleven year-old girl. Result - We were able to intervene very early on behalf of our client, which resulted in no arrest and no formal charges being filed.