Effective & Aggressive Legal Representation

Facing a criminal misdemeanor or felony charge in Florida can be very stressful since a weak defense can result in severe consequences. In order to find the best legal solution for your situation, we use a team approach to prepare an aggressive defense. As a solely focused criminal law firm, the lawyers from Goldman Wetzel understand that the circumstances of each case are different. Therefore, we need to prepare a defense that covers all the aspects of your case.

If you retain our services, our St. Petersburg criminal defense attorneys, Summer Goldman and Maribeth Wetzel, will conduct thorough research to understand your case and find compelling evidence that allows us to achieve a positive outcome. We understand that there is a lot at stake and, as a result, we do not settle for the easiest result.

This means that we look at the aspects of your case that other attorneys may overlook. To do this, we hire experts and investigators whose expertise can help us prepare a strong defense for our clients. We might also have you take a polygraph exam or recommend an evaluation by a psychologist or drug or substance abuse expert if we think it could help your case.